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MarillacHealth is Mesa County’s Community Health Center, providing medical, dental, and behavioral care to our neighbors regardless of their income or insurance status.

Each year Marillac's providers care for approximately 12,000 individuals, resulting in over 40,000 separate visits. These patients of all ages receive comprehensive, integrated care from our team of healthcare providers, which includes not only doctors and dentists, but also behavioral health providers, hygienists,  patient navigators and case managers. These professionals work together to help our patients achieve healthy outcomes, and it is this approach to care that makes MarillacHealth unique and a patient-centered medical home.

What makes Marillac unique?

  • Marillac is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center (FQHC) which is a designation that requires us to care for every single person who walks through our doors, regardless of income level or insurance status. We can't turn anyone away. FQHCs must meet a series of benchmarks annually to continue to receive an annual grant (about 8% of our budget) from the Health Resources & Services Administration.  
  • Marillac‘s health care is designed as a convenient one-stop shop, where medical, dental and behavioral health services are available at most care sites. 
  • Marillac’s care is not free, but our Sliding Fee Discount Program (unique to Marillac) applies discounts to a person’s health care. Most patients contribute a $20-25 co-payment toward their visits.
  • We remove barriers to care. A barrier is anything that makes it harder for a person to receive health care: lack of health insurance, income, transportation, the flexibility to leave work, etc. Our skilled teams work one-on-one with patients to overcome barriers.
  • We have multiple care locations from which to choose: full care clinics located in Grand Junction near St. Mary's Hospital and in the Mesa County Health Department building at 29 1/2 Road. A full-service school-based health center (the Warrior Wellness Center) resides within Central High School as a service to students and staff.  We have dental hygienists embedded at Primary Care Partners to identify and care for oral health needs of pediatric patients. And we regularly visit guests at Catholic Outreach and Child and Migrant Services.
  • Marillac’s clinical care is closely measured and tracked for continuous quality improvement. Our use of advanced team-based care drives better outcomes for patients with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and over a dozen other serious chronic conditions. 


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