Marillac Clinic

Marillac Clinic

Marillac Clinic is a Community Health Center providing high quality integrated health care to uninsured, Medicaid, Medicare and under-insured Mesa County residents with low and moderate incomes.

Marillac was founded by a group of dedicated healthcare professionals and community leaders in 1988. For 25 years Marillac Clinic has provided essential health care services to the residents of Mesa County. What began as a response to a critical community need with three staff, has grown to be a comprehensive and unique model of care that is recognized nationally.

At Marillac Clinic we understand the importance of treating the whole person. In order to achieve this goal we offer patients with medical, mental health, dental, optical care and medication assistance all in one seamless clinic setting.

Our namesake, Saint Louise de Marillac, devoted her life to serving the poor and sick in France during the 1600’s. This tradition is the core of our clinic and we strive to continue this tradition each day as we dedicate our services to her selfless spirit of caring.