With over 24 years culinary experience, Alexander is eminently qualified to create beautiful food, be it desserts or entrees. She has worked in every food service position, learning restaurants inside and out.

She has impressed with her imaginative, beautiful desserts in just the short time she has been on the job. Her natural curiosity keeps her busy trying new twists on recipes. In fact, she has a book bag of cookbooks with her everywhere she goes.

As a former Executive Chef, she knows how to manage food cost, project labor needs, create menus, control ordering, inventory, scheduling, and costing. Because she has worked with chefs of multiple nationalities, she has a broad knowledge of international cuisine. She speaks Spanish and some Thai.
Alexander prefers a collaborative management style, building a team approach. Trained in Classical French cuisine, she says she has a passion for food with a flair for fusion. She also confesses to a deep-seated love for comfort food.

Judging from the appearance of her creations, Alexander clearly relishes the artistic side of her job. And everybody else enjoys her creations!