Chef’s Tables

Bid for Health

Necessity truly is the Mother of Invention.  Because of the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, Edesia will scale back this year to a series of dinners in April,  ramping up to Oscar Night on the 25th.   By doing Chef’s Table Dinners for smaller groups in a separate building,  Edesia will be able to  provide a more intimate, personalized experience  following safe protocols to protect all our guests.

1929 Academy of the Motion Picture Arts and Science Awards Dinner Menu

There will be excellent, inspired cuisine prepared by Chefs who will expertly pair their creations with outstanding local wines.   Hollywood and local movie industry professionals will entertain you with their work and by sharing intriguing lore of Tinseltown, iconic movies and legendary stars, right up to the Academy Awards.

Because of the popularity of our larger luncheon  and afternoon wine and food tasting that make up our usual event,  we recognize that we cannot serve all who will want to attend.   Therefore, we are going to a bid system  that will close by the end of March to determine who attends which dinners.

The bids will be submitted through an online auction that will be monitored daily by MarillacHealth personnel.

Besides the Chef’s Table Dinners, the Online Auction will also feature framable original caricatures of iconic movie stars, movie memorabilia, books, posters, Vacation stays, dinners, wine & gourmet food baskets and many other items to temp you.  Those bids will be open until the end of April.  Please join in the fun from the privacy of your own home and keep the bidding lively!

Until we can all safely gather for our larger capacity, more extensive Edesia celebration, let’s show our appreciation and support for the wonderful job MarillacHealth does for uninsured and under-insured patients in our community.

Choose from three nights:

Hooray for Hollywood indeed!   Let’s have some fun!

Each night is a little different. Read descriptions below.

Sunday | April 11 | 6 pm

Presented by Bridget Zlab, WCI F&B Director/Chef and Culinary Staff
An eclectic homage of reimagined menu items from iconic LA restaurants, where contracts were signed, deals made, hearts broken during Tinsel town’s glamorous days.

Two tables available : 8-10 Guests Vintner’s House Club Room 1101 | 8-10 Guests Vintner’s House Club Room 1201


After Dinner Screening : Long Live the King

Vineyard Ballroom Theatre
Hosted by Arn McConnell, WCCC Film Instructor & King Kong Expert


  • Live Interview with Victoria Riskin, Fay Wray’s Daughter
  • Screening of King Kong documentary
  • Virtual Q & A with Film Makers Frank Dietz & Trish Geiger

Ask your burning questions about the big ape, Fay Wray and the landmark movie! Go here to learn more!

Opening Bid: $1,500* per group

*Price to be adjusted accordingly for add-ons of room nights, champagne or other  amenities

Chef Bridget Zlab

Bridget Zlab is a triple threat in the culinary world, which makes her fluent in the guest satisfaction department.  She can do it all.  A native Coloradan, she brings over 25 years of experience to her position as Food and Beverage Director at Wine Country Inn.

Her career in the hospitality industry began at the tender age of 15 and led her to a three year stint in Mexico, studying the culture and regional cuisine.   She came back to Colorado, where she served as F&B manager in Blackhawk casinos.   More recently, her path brought her to the Western Slope and WCI.

The common denominator in her hospitality quest has been her willingness to learn and build on the training and education offered by mentors she credits as being “brilliant leaders.”

Because of her varied training and experience, she “gets it” about what her guests expect.

Whether her task is planning an event or executing a casual dining evening, Bridget is committed to creating a memorable experience for her guests.

“The dinner table is where we make friends, nurture relationships and celebrate milestones together.” she points out. “That’s what fuels my passion.”

She tackled the old menus of Hollywood’s popular bistros with typical enthusiasm and has led her team in recreating a menu that is unique to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Enjoy your trip down this glittery memory lane!

Sunday | April 18 | 6 pm

Presented Executive Chef Chad Griffith, The Palisade Café & Wine Bar

Elegant Classic Cuisine creatively presented to showcase locally sourced foods expertly paired with outstanding local wines.

One table available : 8-10 Guests Vintner’s House Club Room 1101


After Dinner Screening : Roman Holiday

Vineyard Ballroom Theatre
Saluting Native Son Dalton Trumbo
Hosted by Miffie Blozvich, Trumbo Celebration Coordinator and family liaison

Screening of Academy Award Winning Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert and directed by William Wyler.  Trumbo won an Oscar for Best Story while Hepburn won Best Actress and Edith Head won for Best Costume Design.

Opening Bid: $1,500* per group

*Price to be adjusted accordingly for add-ons of room nights, champagne or other  amenities

Executive Chef Chad

Chad Griffith, Executive Chef at The Palisade Café & Wine Bar since Oct. 2019, focuses his culinary passions on locally sourced vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats and wines that are showcased through his menus.

Thanks to his father’s passion for BBQ competitions and brewing beer as a member of the Brew Club in Nacogdoches, TX.,  Chef Chad grew up with a love of food.

A graduate of The Keystone (CO) Culinary School, Chef Chad has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge of foods and beverages with his dedicated patrons.

In his extensive 31-year culinary career, he has experience in ultra-fine dining establishments such as the Four Diamond Keystone Ranch, The Alpenglow Stube (a high altitude dining adventure at 11,444 ft.) and Food Hedz World Cuisine in Frisco, CO..

Residing at his vineyard on East Orchard Mesa. he engages his additional passions for fermenting and home brewing, as well as gardening, growing micro greens,  unique heirloom fruits and vegetables.

Chef Chad brings all his considerable skills to create a memorable classical dining experience for Chef’s Table Number 2, Dine Like A Star, on April 18.

Sunday | April 25 | 6 pm

Presented by Chef Wayne Smith, WCCC Culinary Arts instructor
An intimate setting for Chef Wayne’s creative reimagining of the menu from the very first Academy Awards dinner.

Two tables available : 8-10 Guests Vintner’s House Club Room 1101 | 8-10 Guests Vintner’s House Club Room 1201


After Dinner Entertainment : The Envelope, Please!

Vineyard Ballroom Theatre,  8:30 MST
Presented by Wine Country Inn

Big Screen viewing of the 92nd Academy of the Motion Picture Arts and Science Awards, aka The Oscars show, on ABC.

Dessert will be served.

Opening Bid: $1,500* per group

*Price to be adjusted accordingly for add-ons of room nights, champagne or other  amenities

Chef/Instructor Wayne Smith, CEC CCE

Chef Wayne Smith has been instructing students since the Culinary Arts program began at Western Colorado Community College, a division of Colorado Mesa University, in 1998.  He helped research and select the iconic dishes from restaurants famous during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Smith teaches Culinary Program Fundamentals, Introduction to Foods, Center of the Plate, International Cuisine, Advanced Garde Manger and Hors D’Oeuvre and Fundamentals of Healthy Cooking.

His courses offer students a hands-on opportunity to apply their leaning to the production of a wide variety of foods as well the science of cooking.  His goal is to motivate students to be deeply curious about cooking to the point they forget they are earning a grade.

With other faculty members in the program, he has coached student teams in culinary competitions, where they have earned success on regional and national levels.

Chef Wayne’s culinary interests are varied and include international cuisines, fermented foods, and culinary medicine. Currently, he is studying the sciences to gain a better understanding of how food “works.”

In his usual thorough research, Chef Wayne discovered the menu from the very first Academy Awards Dinner back in the ’30s.   He has reimagined that menu and created a new interpretation that’s right for today.  BRAVO!